Awesome / Little Miss Sunshine

  • The climactic scene and ending falls between a CMoA and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. First watching Olive bust the moves her unconventional grandpa taught her at the pageant (to the song Superfreak), followed by her entire crazy family joining her on stage despite the disapproval of the crowd. It brings a whole new meaning to "family bonding."
    Pageant official: What is your daughter doing?
    Richard: She's kickin' ass... that's what she's doing!
    • In one of the alternative endings they stole the winning trophy whilst fleeing the hotel (the rest being the same as the finished result).
    • Especially Richard yelling at the creepy announcer to get away from Olive when he tries to get her off the stage.
  • If Dwayne didn't earn Awesome status with his "do what you love" speech, then he did when he went backstage to talk Olive out of going on. Especially with this:
    Official: Are you authorized to be backstage?
    Dwayne: (without breaking stride) No.