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Awesome: Life In Manehattan
  • Trixie's Establishing Character Moment. Imagine Pinkie's welcome party... hosted by a Las Vegas stage magician.
  • Honey Do navigating the wrecked train in order to reach the other side and clear the way for the others.
  • Trixie's weaponizing humor against the flying foxes.
  • Blossomforth distracting the chimera in order to buy Twilight enough time to cast a counterspell.
  • Orange Sherbet using her business and people (pony?) skills to not only save Sweet Apple Acres from foreclosure, but getting the ERS agent to admit that it's actually the government that owes the Apples money.
  • Trixie and the group's defeating of the real Ursa.
  • Blossomforth gives Rainbow Dash a Dare to Be Badass speech when she lets her performance anxiety at the Best Young Fliers competition get the better of her, pointing out the hypocrisy of Dash forcibly training her and Fluttershy and then considering dropping out herself, as well as Dash's selfish reasoning that the competition means more to her than to the others.
    • Rainbow Dash pulls off the Sonic Rainboom as a Big Damn Heroes moment, just like in canon, though with the added awesome of showing that even Daring isn't that fast. But the really awesome moment is that even after watching all that and the resulting thunderous applause, Blossomforth and Fluttershy still have the courage to go out and perform themselves... and receive just as much applause as Rainbow Dash. And they end up getting third place.
  • Daring knocking out Lightning Dust with a kick to the face.
    • Blossomforth not only using her herbal knowledge to get her injured teammates back in shape, but also leading them in getting the tornado to work, even after Lightning and Daring are knocked out.
  • Trixie's magic show at the climax of Mother Knows Best. All of it.

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