Awesome / Liar Liar

  • When Fletcher goes to insane lengths to keep his son from leaving, like stealing an AIRPORT LADDER and driving in front of a MOVING PLANE!
  • Fletcher improbably winning his case while "cursed" is awesome enough. But when he realizes that he may have cost the Cole kids their father, he then pleads with the judge to overturn the decision, pointing out just how underhanded the whole thing was, even at the cost of his own career.
    • A Crowing Moment of Awesome for Carrey himself with his performance in that scene.
      Judge: One more word outta you, Mr. Reede, and I'll hold you in contempt!
  • You gotta hand it to Fletcher for winning the case the way he did: This is a guy who normally wins cases by lying his ass off, but when forced to tell the truth, he wins by exposing his own client's lie.
  • During the bathroom-break scene, Fletcher completely beats the crap out of himself to get out of the trial. Already awesome in itself if not utterly hilarious, but what makes this more awesome is that every single blow Jim Carrey dealt himself was one hundred percent genuine.