Awesome: Lex Luthor

  • Handing his impostor over to The Joker.
  • "Now... fly!"
  • Breaking through Soviet Superman's extremism and bravado with the greatest Armor-Piercing Question of them all: "Why don't you just put the whole WORLD in a BOTTLE, Superman?"
  • Revealing his absolute control of the Secret Society's powers in Justice League: Unlimited as well as dispatching Grodd and saving the world from Darkseid.
  • His epic burn directed at The Joker.
  • The entirety of The Black Ring storyline. If there was any doubt that he was THE Magnificent Bastard, it has been disproven.
  • Allying with Superman to defeat General Zod in Last Son, including personally gunning down one of Zod's men.
    "I always wondered how it would feel to kill a Kryptonian. Feels pretty good."
  • In perhaps the ultimate example of Moral Event Horizon meeting CMOA, blowing up New Krypton, and subsequently, using the reanimated corpse of a Kryptonian god to devastate Zod's army during War of the Supermen.
  • Besting the Crime Syndicate in the New 52.
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