Awesome / Level Up

  • Busting the three Dooplegangers has more action than any other episode and is suitably awesome. Especially since the monsters can only be defeated through a Combination Attack.
    • Angie and Dante double teaming one
    • Angie and Wyatt ally-oop a second
    • Lyle enchanting Dante's Skull Crasher to Flaming Skull Crasher
  • Lyle gets a personal one when Maldark finds a new way into the real world. Never Fails left their weapons at HQ to attend a school dance so when Maldark shows up they're helpless. Then Lyle remembers that he left his staff in the limo (something he foreshadowed earlier) and jumped in Big Damn Hero style to save the others. This bears repeating: he held back the most powerful wizard in the game single-handedly. Then he gets another one by teleporting the other Never Fails weapons to their owners with a teleportation spell he failed at earlier.
  • Angie shattering Maldark's crystal ball at the end of Wyatt Crosses Over.
    Angie: Sorry Maldark, you're breaking up! (punches crystal ball with Fist of Schoolage.)
  • Dante's homemade videos! For someone who's usually the punch-first-ask-questions-later guy, he does a pretty darn good job at making funny cartoons.