! ''Les Visiteurs'':

* As he and his king are ambushed, Godefroy throws his BattleCry "Que trépasse si je faiblis!" and beheads the English knight.
* The MisterSandmanSequence of sorts when Godefroy and Jacquouille, now stranded in 1993, flee in separate directions after the highway restaurant incident. Godefroy rides on horseback on a road and a truck almost runs over him. He then passes by a train and a jet airliner flies over him. He then shouts "MONTJOIE!", [[FishOutOfTemporalWater not knowing what the hell this era is]], and doesn't stop riding until he finds a church to seek asile. The music makes the sequence stand out, it starts with a guitar riff before switching to "Enae Volare".
* Godefroy confronting a [[LesCopsSportif [=CRS=] (anti-riot) brigade]] as if they were medieval soldiers. It doesn't end well for him but it shows how brave and fearless he is.
* Godefroy going back to his rightful time period and causing the arrow to momentarily freeze and then swerve, hitting the witch's forehead instead of his bride's father's forehead. That's right, the [[MedievalMorons Medieval Moron]] went back to his home time and forced destiny to play by ''his'' rules!

! ''The Corridors of Time'':

* After returning to the 12th century, Jacquouille and Godefroy each have one during the Burgundians' raid. Jacquouille knocks a knight from his horse with a mallet and Godefroy charges the Burgundians alone, killing a soldier with a crossbow and battling the Duke of Luigny.

! ''Bastille Day'':

* The [[spoiler: dream]] sequence in 1124 at the beginning, which sees Godefroy and his men of arms leaving the castle and being ambushed by bandits in the woods and defending themselves.
* As Godefroy learns that king Louis XVI has been beheaded and the revolutionary prison guards are humiliating the aristocratic prisoners, he dares to pray for him, stands up and proclaims "The King is dead. Long live the King!" before kicking the guards' ass and escaping the prison with Jacquouille.
* Godefroy and Jacquouille follow Eusèbe (Eusaebius' 18th century descendant) to his hut to drink the time travel potion while a battalion of revolutionary soldiers surrounds the hut and starts closing in. They drink the potion and say the formula just in the nick of time as the soldiers start shooting at the house, leaving an explosion behind them.