Awesome / Legends of the Fall

  • Alfred shot first.
  • Also, from the deleted scene where Tristan is being mocked by a doctor in a mental institution. The doctor doubts the account of Tristan scalping the German soldiers, leading to Tristan leaping over the doctor's desk and demonstrating just how easy scalping can be.
  • A scene that stayed in the movie, when Tristan's enemies catch up with him and his family, instead of putting up a fight or begging for his life, Tristan tells the bad guys to take him to the woods to kill him instead of killing him in front of his son. This was no trick. He didn't want his son to watch him be killed.
  • No fan of spaghetti Westerns had any doubt whatsoever about what was under Col. Ludlow's Badass Longcoat when he came out onto his porch while the elder O'Banion and his minions were holding Tristan at gunpoint right in front of it.