Awesome / Legend Game System

  • This troper's party was in the middle of the campaign's first dungeon crawl when they encountered a goblin and a kobold. After dispatching the kobold, our monk had the kobold's corpse, a raging fire pit note , our sage, and our rogue all lined up between him and the goblin. One acrobatics check later, he uses the kobold's head as a springboard to launch himself over the fire, runs on top of the sage and the rogue, and kicks the goblin so hard that it flies back and ends up embedded in a wall. Not to be outdone, the rogue uses the much taller monk and sage note  to wall jump upwards before bringing his sword down on the goblin's head from above. At this point, the goblin tries to take a healing potion, provoking an attack of opportunity. The rogue slices open the goblin's throat, causing the healing potion to trickle out down the front of its armor, right before the monk and sage hit it in the face at the same time and knock its head clean off.