Awesome / Lawrence of Arabia

  • Lawrence rides into the desert to save his batman saying "nothing is written".
    • And when he gets back his batman kills a man and Lawrence carries out the execution. Making for a great sense of mystery about whether it is true or not that You Can't Fight Fate.
  • Lawrence striding along the top of the train he's just blown up, as the music swells and the entire Arab Revolt cheers him on.
  • The scene at the well with the famous "mirage shot" (although that is a misnomer since it is actually broken into several shots).
  • Lawrence returning to base to announce to the officers that he'd taken Aqaba:
    Lawrence: We've taken Aqaba.
    Officer: Taken Aqaba? Who has?
    Lawrence: Our side of this war has. The wogs have. We have.
    • And this, right after all of his fellow officers were up in arms over Lawrence bringing an Arab into the bar, calling him a wog among other slurs.
  • The amazing long-distance crane shot that follows the Arab charge through Aqaba, coming to rest on a Turkish cannon pointed impotently to sea.
  • Alec Guinness gives such a magnificent portrayal of Faisal I of Iraq, combined with his incredible resemblance, ultimately makes you forget you are watching an actor playing a historical person and you believe that this is in fact Faisal himself.