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Awesome / Last Man Standing

The TV Show

  • In "Spanking" when Boyd continues to disobey Kristin and Ryan unless he gets a treat, Mike decides he has seen enough and yells at Boyd to go up to his room, which he immediately does. Then, when Krisitn complains to Mike and asks him whether it was necessary, Vanessa tells her that it was.
  • In "Driving Lessons" Mandy tries to get Kyle to stop helping Mike with home projects so he can take her shopping while Mike does the opposite. Kyle decides to Take a Third Option and go do something that he wants to do: go dirt biking.
  • In "Taser", when Eve decides to hold a tryout to select a boyfriend for Valentine's Day:
    Eve: There's going to be a multiple-choice quiz, a fitness test, and a short essay on the topic "Eve smart girl who's pretty or pretty girl who's smart?"
    Justin: Or pretty girl who's lost her mind! (gets up from his desk) Look, Eve. I like you, okay? And if you want to go out sometime, then you know where to find me. But I'm not gonna jump through hoops for you. (leaves the room)
  • In "Wedding Planning" when Vanessa puts her foot down on Ryan's selfish behavior and refuses to give him and Kristin the wedding money that they were planning to spend on Ryan's student loans.
  • In " College Girl", when Mandy goes to the diner Kristin works at and complains about Mike and Vanessa not letting her go to a college in California, that they feel it is too difficult for her, and that they don't believe in her. Kristin gets Mandy to stop complaining by pointing out that by slacking off during all of high school, she hasn't given them any reason to.
  • Chuck chewing out Ryan when he finds out the latter refuses to let Boyd learn the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Chuck: Until you sit in the back of a Bradley and brace for an incoming RPG, you respect that flag.
  • Vanessa tearing her sister a new one in "April, Come She Will":
    Vanessa: You're immature and manipulative, and those are not good qualities for Mandy to admire, and they're not good qualities for a momů I held your hand when we walked to the school bus, and I will never stop holding it, but Mandy is my child and I'm I'm not gonna let you exploit her.
  • How Mike gets revenge on Mandy's animal rights activist boyfriend who just used her so he could vandalize Outdoor Man: he forces him to dress up as Theodore Roosevelt for an Outdoor Man vlog and promote hunting.
  • Chuck putting Vanessa in her place in regards to voting for Hilary Clinton just because she's a woman:
    Vanessa: Chuck, you might have voted for [Obama] even if you didn't agree with his positions, right?
    Chuck: Why would I do that?! Vote for someone just because we had something in common without taking into account their positions? That's ridiculous!
  • Mike and Chuck's Grand Finale to the prank war in "Halloween": tricking Vanessa and Carol into thinking they gave the kids candy laced with marijuana.
  • When Eve goes on to perform solo at a music club, Mike and Vanessa are terrified that she will be terrible and humiliate herself. Instead, she absolutely crushes her performance and receives a standing ovation from the crowd. Also a meta-one for Kaitlyn Dever who did her own singing and guitar playing and actually wrote the song herself.
  • Meta-example: The fact that the show has survived three seasons in the Friday Night Death Slot and will reach 100 episodes when season 5 airs.