[[AC:2009 Film Version]]
* Rick and the dinosaur "Grumpy" become [[spoiler:buddies]], awesome!
* Rick, Holly and Will stopping a rampaging dinosaur with a [[BreakOutTheMuseumPiece medieval catapult]] and a canister of liquid nitrogen.
* After his disastrous interview with Matt Lauer and subsequent vindication of his theories thanks to his adventure, Rick writes a new book, goes on Today again, gives Lauer a signed copy and makes him plug it. How is this awesome? [[spoiler: The name of his new book is [[BrickJoke ''Matt Lauer Can Suck It!'']] Rick's got some brass balls on that one, but for bonus awesome points, he was ''able to clear it with Lauer's lawyers'', the revelation [[NotSoDifferent leading Lauer to attack Rick]] [[LaserGuidedKarma and get the same treatment Rick did when he attacked Lauer in the beginning of the film, fire extinguisher and all.]]]]
* Near the end of the film, [[spoiler:Rick Marshall gets eaten by the ''T. rex''.]] It would not be surprising if there were spontaneous cheers in theatres during this scene. Alternatively, [[spoiler:when Doctor Marshal pulls a BigDamnHeroes moment by riding in on said ''T. rex'']] probably made the other half of the audience cheer.