Awesome / LEGO Adaptation Game

LEGO Star Wars
  • Fighting Darth Maul with "Duel of the Fates" playing. Then playing AS Darth Maul. Freeplay allows you to play as Maul or Vader against the other!
  • The big finale of the original Star Wars trilogy. You fight Palpatine, with all his crazy acrobatic skills displayed in Revenge of the Sith. Oh, and to make it fit with the co-op gameplay style? Vader achieves his redemption a little earlier and teams up with his son to fight the Emperor. That's right, two generations of Skywalkers dueling against the Big Bad of the whole Star Wars saga. They changed it, now it's awesome.
  • What, no love for the Final Boss of LEGO Star Wars 3 being THE FUCKING ZILLO BEAST?!

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
  • The trailer for Batman 2: DC Superheroes even has one. After the words "Now the world's greatest heroes must unite to stop them" flash on the screen, a sudden cut to a familiar red-and-blue figure slowly descending from the sky... to John Williams' iconic Superman theme. And then immediately followed up by shots of the Dynamic Duo in action to Danny Elfman's Batman theme.
  • Batman scaring off a shark that Joker had sicced on him just by snarling at it, no shark repellent required, is both awesome and hilarious.
  • Flying with Superman is just all kinds of awesome, largely due to the music switching out to the aforementioned theme. Even more once you realize that the hub is comparable in size to Arkham City, yet you can fly all over the place.
  • A minor one, but in LEGO Batman 2, when Batman is investigating Joker's escape, he tells Commissioner Gordon that he's heard rumors of Lex Luthor being "not-so-upstanding". While most people would say things like "that's crazy", Gordon just says Batman might want to tell someone. It shows Gordon trusts Batman enough to know he knows what he's talking about.
  • After a huge (and presumably directionless) chase scene through the streets of Gotham City, Batman reveals he's used the kryptonite leaking from Luthor's Humongous Mecha to create a giant glowing Joker face visible from orbit. Martian Manhunter gets the signal, and promptly calls in the entire Justice League.
    • In the movie adaptation, the fight between the League and the mech is pretty cool. Like Green Lantern creating a giant cage around it, or Flash removing all the kryptonite from its power core and loading it on Wonder Woman's invisible plane.
  • Anytime you defeat an enemy as a Kryptonian while under the influence of kryptonite.

LEGO Harry Potter
  • In Years 1-4, Ginny gets the chance (that she didn't have in the book or the movie) to use Riddle's diary to beat him up. After what he did to her, it's pretty cathartic.

LEGO Lord of the Rings
  • The first mission takes place at the end of the War of the Last Alliance and the boss is Sauron.
  • Despite being shot three times and only having one heart's worth of health, it's possible for Boromir to land the killing blow on Lurtz at Amon Hen.
  • Fighting the Balrog is nothing but awesome, as you start off with Gandalf battling the Balrog while they are falling into the depths of Moria itself! It perfectly captures how epic it was at the start of the Two Towers.

LEGO Marvel
  • The Gamescom trailer for Marvel Super Heroes shows plenty of epic action.
  • LEGO Marvel itself looks like a CMOA for Tt Games. A gigantic NYC hub with just about every memorable character in the Marvel universe appearing!
  • The developers show that they actually do listen, and made a Big Fig version of Venom, whom Venom will be able transform into. Venom's transformation itself is composed of the Big Fig version of him tearing himself out of the smaller minifigure version of Venom. Even better? That wasn't the first example. The entire inclusion of Gambit was because so many people wanted him in it.
  • The final LEGO Marvel trailer. Not only does it show lots of exciting gameplay, it also hints at an EPIC Enemy Mine against Galactus. All during an amazing monologue from Stan the man himself!
    Stan Lee: What does it mean to be a hero? It's more than just superpowers and costumes. It's being scared, but standing tall anyway. It's digging deeper, and pushing further than you ever thought you could, in the face of unthinkable evil. True heroes band together to do what's right. Sometimes, it takes extraordinary circumstances to prove that maybe, just maybe, there's a hero in all of us.
  • Doc Ock gets one for making a door by grabbing a helicopter right out of the air and swinging it into a building.
  • Magneto tearing off Iron Man's armor in seconds, then later controlling the Statue of Liberty like a puppet!
  • Tony Stark's tower gets hacked, and that means he can't trust any of the computer systems in his suits either...except one which he has to reach (with Captain America's help) by fending off Extremis soldiers barehanded. Time to rock it oldschool as Mark 1 Iron Man!
  • Mandarin hijacks the Hulkbuster armor after Cap and Iron Man defeat Killian. As if that alone isn't awesome enough, how does Tony respond?
    JARVIS: House Party protocal activated.
    • And then Mandarin actually manages to hold his own against them all! He's lost about half his health, but he's still fighting. Tony then responds by building a medium sized arc reactor from the scraps of his power suit army to fry the Hulkbuster. That whole boss fight is awesome, really.
  • The entire Bifrosty Reception level and boss fight, with Loki taunting you every step of the way as the heroes use their powers to great effect to take him on. He even gets alternate dialogue in Free Play mode.
  • Jean Grey gets one for taking control of Juggernaut and wiping the floor with the Brotherhood mooks.
  • Poor Thing just can't catch a break for the first few times he's playable and either his catch phrase is interrupted, cut short, or stolen. However, when he does finally get to use it when punching Dr. Doom off of the Asteroid M base and sending him careening back down to Earth, it is glorious!
    Doom: Defeated? It cannot be! I'm...I'm Dr. Doom!
    Thing: (walks up to him) Sorry, Doc. But you know what? (picks up Doom and holds back fist) It's finally CLOBBERIN' TIME!
    (The Thing sucker punches Doom out of Asteroid M straight into the dark cold nothingness of space.)
  • The final boss battle against Galactus is just as epic and amazing as one would expect, with five steps, each with a different team composed of heroes and villains.
    • Three words: HULK THOR SMASH!
    • Don't forget the Power Walk that the heroes and villains do side by side.
  • After beating the final boss, you unlock Galactus as a playable character, and it's just as cool as it sounds. He's understandably toned down to the size of a normal minifig, but being able to play as the guy you just beat the crap out of is just amazing on hundreds of levels.
  • Anytime you skydive off the Helicarrier. You get to the edge and jump. Then rock music kicks in, you hear the howling of the wind, and falling has never felt so cool.
    • Flying back up to the Helicarrier as either any flying character or in a plane is just as awesome. Especially if the flying character has a speed boost.
    • After the mid-credits cutscene, the music switches from the epic in-game themes to that of the Merry Marvel Marching Society.
  • The sheer amount of detail that went into even minor characters in this game. To pick just a couple of examples, Luke Cage has double health as per his unbreakable skin, when Loki uses the Casket of Ancient Winters he visibly becomes a Frost Giant as in Thor, and one of Squirrel Girl's attacks resembles her defeat of Doctor Doom in her first appearance.
  • Try pausing the game while playing as a shape-shifted Mystique. The menu will show you the name of the character you're shifted into. That's right - Mystique's disguises are so good that they fool the interface.

LEGO The Hobbit
  • Due to needing to always have two characters, it feels especially cool to see that Balin is the one to join Bilbo in sneaking into Smaug's layer to retrieve the Arkenstone as, despite being the oldest of the dwarves, the films show them becoming very good friends over the course of the journey.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
  • After being Demoted to Extra for the second game, Croc returns in style, having shot up in height and gained multiple IQ points.
  • In the 2nd Level, Robin and Alfred have to take on a brainwashed Batman, who is tearing up the Batcave using his Power Suit, and then the Batmobile. Yes, Robin and Alfred get a level all to themselves after constantly being the Butt Monkey (particularly in the former's case).
    Robin: You bad guys asked for it! It's underappreciated sidekick time!
  • The Legion of Doom get one for taking over the Watchtower. How? Well, Martian Manhunter was the only one there, and they had Firefly. Bonus points to Joker for securing the Hall of Justice by taking out Hawkman long before the others arrived.
  • Superman's Big Damn Heroes moment, effortlessly knocking away a swarm of missiles (one by one) and saving the Dynamic Duo.
  • Firefly's boss fight against Wonder Woman and Flash. While he loses, the fact that he was able to take both of them on says something. He eventually tries getting back up, too... only for Martian Manhunter to recover and deck him with one punch.
  • Lex (and Joker in a more passive role) taking on Superman and Batman once again, only this time Lex is outfitted with Powered Armour and ready to take him on.
  • The Legion and League taking out Brainiac's invading forces.
  • The final level is full of awesome moments:
    • Hal ends up fighting a pissed off Sinestro. This is awesome for the former, since he alone is able to buy the other good guys time, and also for the latter since it takes literally every other Lantern there to overwhelm him.
    • The Final Boss of the game is a Brainwashed and Crazy Superman, made larger by Brainiac.
  • One of the last cutscenes of Lex, Joker and the Legion conquering the White House, though it of course doesn't last long.
  • Meta-example as Traveler's Tales reveals that they created a 1960's Batman Level with Adam West narrating it!
  • There will be several 1966 levels, as the Deadpool bonus levels of the game, with several playable characters from the show!
    • It has been announced that there will be six packets of DLC content with 40 exclusive playable characters. The three packets that are currently specified are one based on The Dark Knight Trilogy, one based on the film Man of Steel, and one celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary, which will even feature a minifigure based on how Batman looked in his first appearance in the 27th issue of Detective Comics.

LEGO Dimensions
  • The trailer, which features Christopher Lloyd (as Doc Brown) getting a strange glowing box delivered to his home. His sense of wonder at seeing the little minifig of himself and all the things he can do in the game is a nice bit of fanservice for BTTF fans.

LEGO Jurassic World
  • The ability to not only play as Dinosaurs, but you can also create your own dinosaur hybrids!
  • Any time you take control of one dinosaur against the other. It reaches its peak both in Jurassic Park where the team indirectly helps Rexie fight of The Big One, and Jurassic World where the humans and raptors directly team up against Indominus.
  • In the Jurassic Park III level, Eric actually manages to fight off a bunch of baby Pteranodons, in stark contrast to his film counterpart.
  • The Indominus vs Ankylosaurus fight is a lot longer in the game than in the movie, which is one for the Ankylosaur. After two melees between the two are interrupted by Zach and Gray helping the Ankylo with a distraction, the Indominus figures out the way to disarm the armored dinosaur by catching it's tailflail. When the kids break up that stalemate for the last time, the Indominus briefly uses her arms to challenge the Ankylo and the two titans clash for the last time.
  • Zara of all people getting the chance to be an Adaptational Badass before getting eaten.
  • The last InGen mercenary to be saved actually has Blue at his mercy before being grabbed by the Indominus and remains defiant despite it trying to eat him.
  • Once you complete all of the game's levels, you can unlock Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow as playable characters. Yes, you can play through the game as the director of Jurassic Park and the director of Jurassic World.
  • Claire beating up a Dimorphodon to save Zach and Gray. Owen falls for her instantly.
    • Shortly after Claire releases Rexy to fight the I. rex, she strides in like a boss while Owen and the boys cheer.

LEGO Marvel's Avengers
  • The scene with the old man refusing to bow to Loki in The Avengers is made even more awesome by having Stan Lee himself stand up.