Awesome / LEGO

If you can make just about anything with LEGO, just imagine the potentially awesome things one can made with a little bit of time and resources, and a lot of imagination.

  • Meta-example, but there exists a LEGO VF-1 Valkyrie that is fully transformable without having to remove any of the block parts.
  • Real Life: As told in the Lego Story, the Lego company managed quite a few, it is better to watch the video, but to those that don't have the time.
    • Ole Kirk Christiansen, the creator of the company was a carpenter that after hard times also lost his wifes, he had four boys to raise so he started making woodens, eventually creating the company.
    • Later he lost nearly everything in a fire, but managed to rebuild the company afterward.
    • His son came up with the internal tubes that allow the clutching power of LEGO.
    • Legoland was expecting 200-300 thousand visitors in the first year, it received 600 thousand.
  • The fact that, instead of business cards, employees get their personalized minifigure!