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Awesome: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
  • Episode 5: Muneshige's fight with Tadakatsu.
    • And of course psychic ninja maid's battle with a humongous mecha. Yep, you read that right.
  • Episode 11. After everyone tells Toori that he is not alone in his fight to save Horizon after he asks them whether they truly want to save her, he asks Tomo to authorize his contract with the Asama Shrine and proceeds to turn the tables on a battle that everyone thought was lost. And then, after everyone learns from Tomo that Toori's new contract can possibly cost him his life, he gives a resounding speech that he will stand and live on together with his power of impossibility, and for everyone to go harnessing ''his'' power of impossibility to harness ''their'' power of possibility. JUDGE!
    • Heck, you can say that after the four-episode long introductory worldbuilding portion the series pretty much becomes a long, continuous CMOA with some heartwarming and funny moments sprinkled throughout.
  • Kimi taking on Futayo and her existence-erasing spear with nothing but eroticism and dance. And she wins. Really.
    • To be fair, she also got in a couple of epic slaps to Futayo's face...
  • Episode 12: Toori deliberately activates a trap that the Pope President proclaims to be inescapable from. How so? It forces the victim to relive his/her most traumatic experience over and over, disintegrating him/her in the process. So what does Toori do? Take it in stride.
  • All of season 2 episode 10
  • P.A. ODA's premier fighters, The Five Great Peaks; The Six Demon Army, show up at the end of simply and subtly display that they have the power to take the Musashi down just by being there. And if you know what they're capable of in Volume 3, you know they could have ended the series right then and there.
    • As shown in V2/S2, Toshiie Maeda can summon, at will, a million undead soldiers. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Adele out maneuvering the San Martin by having the Musashi go into stealth and then perfectly executing an Immelman turn with a 4.5 mile long city ship in ep 13 of season 2 has to be seen to beleive
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