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Awesome: Kuroko no Basuke
  • Kuroko's Cyclone Pass during the first Shuutoku match.
  • Midorima gets one when he reveals that he can score three pointers from the entire length of the court. And gives us an example to prove it!
  • Kise finally letting go of his issues and completing his Perfect Copy of Aomine.
  • The climax of the Kaijou vs Touou match is a huge one, especially the clashes between Kise, with his Perfect Copy, and Aomine, who is playing seriously for once.
  • Aomine's entire playstyle could count, especially considering all the cool moves in it.
  • Seirin finding their Heroic Second Wind in the match against Touou.
  • Aomine finally, finally giving 100% to the game and entering the Zone.
  • Kuroko's Misdirection Overflow, which lets everybody else on the team use misdirection. He even uses it effectively to stop AOMINE from scoring!
  • Kagami is a walking CMOA during the climax the Touou Winter Cup match. First he manages to enter the Zone, then he manages to beat Aomine one-on-one, and then he beats Aomine in an aerial duel with a skill he'd been practicing since the Summer, allowing Seirin to win the game.
  • Himuro Tatsuya. He's refined his skills to the point that he can make his shots disappear.
  • Murasakibara's Thor's Hammer.
  • Kagami uses a skill that even Murasakibara (in the Zone!) can't stop— METEOR. JAM.
  • Kise's badass upgrade, the Perfect Copy. It operates on a time limit but for those few minutes, Kise is basically the culmination of the skills of the entire Generation of Miracles. Imagine Akashi's Emperor Eye+Midorima's crazy three-pointers+Aomine's insane skill set and agility+Murasakibara's blocks and defense skills+Kuroko's super fast passes and tricks combined into one guy, and you can see why Kise Ryouta is a complete monster.
  • Kasamatsu figuring out the trick behind Kuroko's Phantom Shot: "You're completely visible."
  • Kuroko scoring the buzzer beater in the Kaijou rematch. Props to Kagami for the amazing pass too!
  • Chapter 245, Akashi does an alley-oop!
  • Chapter 248: Kuroko has restored his lack of presence. Bad. Ass.
    Kuroko: Sorry, but the title of "Phantom Sixth Man".....I don't feel like giving it up so easily.
  • And in chapter 249, Kagami steps up to the challenge and manages to make Akashi freeze in indecision.
  • Izuki literally taking a level in badass in the Rakuzan match allowing him to stop one of the Uncrowned Generals.
  • In the match against Rakuzan, Kuroko defeats Akashi's Emperor Eye. While the latter is IN THE ZONE.
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