Awesome / Kongoh Bancho

  • "Right now, pudding takes priority." There are plenty of others, but since this is pretty much a World of Badass, this one stands out.
  • Akira's Establishing Character Moment where he arrives at a gang's HQ carrying a car on one shoulder.
  • By threatening Tsukimi, Hikyou Bancho has Akira right where he wants him. He first declares that he's going to give Akira a hundred lashes with his barbed steel whip, cracks away at him a little, then decides to use a Finishing Move to kill Akira. Then Akira drops a Wham Line that puts a splendid Oh, Crap! look on Hikyou's face:
    Akira: "You've still got 82 to go!"
  • For Hikyou Bancho, we have the line "Data? What is that?" Note that this is the man who believes that information is vital to controlling a battle. And he turns out to be the only Banchou other than Kongoh able to damage Machine Banchou. By TAKING HIS ARM OFF.
  • As is appropriate for Teenaged Japanese Batman, Hikyou Bancho just keeps rolling out the awesome. He takes on Jiryoku Bancho, figures out how his power works, and manages to hit him with a toxin that reduces his ability to use said power. When all other options are exhausted, Hikyou Bancho then proceeds to just beat seven bales of shit out of Jiryoku Bancho. With his bare hands. And wins.
    • Despite being battered and apparently on his last legs, his challenge to the rest of the Dark Student Council members present makes them flinch.
  • Oyanana, of all people, gets one in the Machine Banchou arc. When Machine Banchou's forces take over Raimei High School while Kongoh is out of commission, at first Oyanana is the only one willing to stand against them despite being one of the weakest characters in the series. He then single-handedly destroys a Protopon, inspiring the rest of the school to fight back with him.
  • Bakunetsu Bancho survives an explosion, takes a direct hit from a missile unharmed, and proceeds to grab another missile and use it as a weapon.
  • The Wolf Pack gets one after suffering under The Worf Effect, pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save their boss and show that their abilities weren't exactly informed.
  • The Alliance members are seriously injured and unable to fight, and Akira's legs have been broken by Hakai Bancho, who's intent on pulverizing Akira—so how does the Alliance help out? By physically grabbing hold of Akira's legs like human splints and lifting him up so he can fight.
  • It was a massive Tearjerker to watch Machine Bancho die in the arms of a crying Tsukimi. It is pure, unfiltered, gold-plated Awesome to watch as he returns, having fully self-repaired, to rescue Tsukimi from some of Nippon Bancho's minions.
  • Hinako Sakura gets captured by the Dark Student Council and ends up before an insane judge, who declares her to be a bancho, with the name "Cellphone Bancho". Another prisoner tries to fight the judge, but it doesn't look good... up until Hinako uses her cell phone to summon the cast to come to her rescue. As superpowers go, being able to call all of the good guys at will isn't too bad.