Awesome / Kiss of the Dragon

  • Liu Jian has turned in the tapes, meaning that Richard is essentially screwed. Even though Richard has the little girl, it won't be long until he's hunted down by nearly every law enforcement group in the world. The only real ace he has is if the girl can be used to prolong his freedom. Our hero really has no more reason to chase the guy down, because as stated, he's screwed. Still... he has the girl. And Liu Jian promised to save her. Cue the longest series of just pure awesomeness as he cuts a bloody swath through what seems to be all the corrupt police in France.
  • Liu taking out a dojo's worth - literally - of corrupt cops, including parrying three attackers at once for several moments.
  • Liu delivering the "Kiss of the Dragon" to Richard.
  • Also kills a Mook by kicking a billiard ball out of a pocket then giving it a bicycle kick, shooting it across the room into the mook's forehead.
  • The little brother's backflip somersault kick.
  • Meta: Jet Li and Cyril Raffaelli's fight at the end had to be slowed down at the end, because they were moving too quickly for the cameras.