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Awesome: Kirby of the Stars
  • Two words, META KNIGHT! The Pintsized Powerhouse! You gotta love that Inigo Montoya voice he's given in the dub!
    • His original Japanese voice kicks all sorts of ass as well.
  • Meta Knight goes up against the Puki flower, and it over powers him, then Kirby goes Needle on it, and cuts off most of it's heads, and pins it down. The day is saved and they all leave... until the remaining head gets back up and tries to eat them. Meta Knight tosses his torch at the plant and lets it burn to death.
  • Meta Knight's fight with Kirby in episode 3, particularly when he reveals that Kirby can't suck him up despite being neither too heavy or big. His only explanation? "I have my secrets." Oh, and let's not forget his sparta-kicking King Dedede's vehicle, doubling as a CMOF.
  • Go! Knuckle Joe! the adorably Cute Bruiser.
  • Kirby defeating the Big Bad in the finale, of course.
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