Awesome: Kinnikuman Nisei

  • Mantarou's first use of the Kinniku Buster against Dialbolic.
  • The fact that turning into a shoe can even qualify as an effective superpower.
  • One of Road Rage's attacks is to put people into a hallucination of them getting hit by a train while he attacks them. He does this to Mantarou and completely clobbers him. He tries it again later, while a puppy is in the ring. Mantarous grabs the puppy and then kicks the 'train' away.
  • We all known that 4Kids is famous for screwing everything up, so the fact that the American dub is actually considered pretty good is damn well impressive!
  • Whenever Mantaro and Kevin Mask's Tag Finishing Move, the NIKU->LAP which is a combination of Mantaro's Kinniku Buster and Kevin's OLAP, is used. This move was used to defeat Voltman and Thunder.
  • The ending result of the Ultimate Choujin Tag Tournament Finals. Here's a question: What happens if you get a combination of Mantaro's Ataru-editon Muscle Spark and Kevin's Big Ben Edge? The answer: MUSCLE KINGDOM!
  • Mantarou winning against Kinnikuman with one of his old man's own finishing moves: The Kinniku Driver.
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