Awesome / Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • Pretty much any time you use a Reckoning Finisher. Essentially, after beating an opponent into submission, you create a weapon out of Fate itself and use it to brutally and efficiently end them, and its awesome every single time.
  • The end of most of the major quest chains, but especially the faction quests. They usually involve killing enemies that have proven undefeatable for centuries.
  • The finishing blow against the Balor. So the legendary weapon that is needed to kill it was lost. Game over right? Wrong. The Fateless One pins down the Balor with its own Fate, then recreates the legendary spear using Fate itself and hurls it right into the Balor's eye.
  • The ending to the Warsworn quest-line. The ancient Niskaru Lord Khamazandu is about to be released from its prison, hundreds of cultists guard the mountain, Niskaru are blocking every path, hungry for blood. The Fateless One arrives at the head of a four man assault team wielding the reforged hammer which drove the Niskaru to imprisonment to begin with. A violent rampage follows, ending with a You Shall Not Pass by the group as the Fateless One proceeds to single handedly fight the leaders of the cult and re-imprison the Khamazandu.
  • Finishing off Templar Octienne, especially if you've gotten tired of the gnomes' yammering on and on about how they're paragons of reason. What do you do to him after along chase on Adessa's winding scaffolds and fighting off his hired assassins? You slam him on the ground so hard he bounces up, and then the Fateless One uses Fate to bat him through a stained-glass window, where the Templar you had allied with is waiting to arrest what remains of him.
  • Fomorous Hugues at the Well of Souls. A half-pint scientist is the last person you'd expect to drop a Tuatha soldier, but he succeeds and draws the rest away from the Fateless One. It's easy to cheer the guy on and insistently believe he'll survive despite Agarth's predictions. And simply by meeting you, he does!
  • The final boss battle against Tirnoch.
  • Really, the Fateless One is a walking Crowning Moment of Awesome. In a world where Fate is treated as an unstoppable, unchangeable force, here is someone who is not only Immune to Fate, but actively unravels and manipulates it with their very presence. Usually, when Fate says something cannot be done, it seriously cannot be done. And then the Fateless One does it.