Awesome / King Of Hell

  • Majeh tends to walk around casually pulling off awesome moments, so the highlights should only be covered in his case.
    • His first appearance and subsequent defeat of a rampaging demon. Casually. Without any effort. A very fine Establishing Character Moment, as it shows just how badass the main character is.
    • Speaking of casual, Majeh's way of passing the entrance test into the Martial Arts tournament: crumbling granite with his fingers.
    • His first fight in the Martial Arts tournament in Nakyang. At first Majeh is playing easy on the guy; then Samhuk provokes him and Majeh oneshots his opponent.
  • Dohwa's first appearance. Taking down the Insane Hounds effortlessly with needles and casually insulting them along the way.
    • Not to mention her final fight with them. At first she's not taking them seriously at all, then they manage to hit a Berserk Button. Cue her introducing them to the Oosajejoo family's poison capsule and taking them out with a rain of sleeping potion dipped needles. Not to mention the nearby civilians as well by accident.