* Kell turns her feline rivals against each other by immediately resigning as CEO, thus causing them to battle it out for the right to succeed her.
* During the "Blind Stalk" event, Rudy gets splashed with prey pheromones, and not only manages to avoid being eaten by mistake, but catches the deer in the process.
* Wendell is the new Easter Bunny but his boar classmate [[ItMakesSenseInContext (for reasons)]] is believed to be the one behind it. As the strip moves into the 2016 Easter arc, the boar sneeringly mocks the position. Wendell manages to slip a hard-boiled egg onto his seat while they were talking without even the audience seeing what he was doing.
* Dorothy is mentioned to [[YouGoGirl have been the first female Easter Bunny as a teen]]. Due to the StayInTheKitchen attitude of the times, she had to be twice as good as everyone else; she does this by hiding the car keys of every other applicant so thoroughly they have to miss the tryouts.
* Carl performs a diving save when Francis is threatened by a bird of prey.
** Then the awesome heroism goes to Leona. Carl's diving save resulted in him crashing through a bridge, [[TapOnTheHead suffering a concussion]], and drowning in the creek it was over. Llisa lifted him out, then Leona gave him [[KissOfLife mouth-to-mouth]].
* Rudy figures out Carl's glasses prescription through how his plowing veers. He had no other information but managed to get exactly what Carl needed with no input from the rhino.
* Leona shows us how handy she is with a fire hose when Carl chokes at the restaurant she's working at, [[RescueRomance saving his life for the second time]].
-->'''Rudy:''' Carl! Say something!\\
'''Carl:''' Give her a decent tip.