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Awesome: Kelly Kelly
  • Seriously this girl has taken some really sick bumps in her career. Let's examine them:
    • Got hit in the face with the Sandman's cane.
    • Body blocked both Gail Kim and Alicia Fox at the same time off the ring apron. And got dropkicked off the top rope to the outside a few minutes later.
    • Was doing a handstand on the ring apron to Victoria and was thrown face-first to the floor. Repeated in a match against Brie Bella.
    • Splashing Beth Phoenix from the top rope to the outside at SummerSlam.
    • Went for a hurricanrana on Michelle McCool only to get thrown right into the security wall.
    • Clotheslining both Bellas off the ring apron.
    • Got suplexed onto the announce table by Maryse.
  • She gets to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WWE SmackDown!. Seriously in the day and age when Divas are watered down and restricted she gets the episode of a lifetime. She cuts a good promo with Vickie Guerrero (marred slightly by some PG restrictions) and gets to slap Dolph Ziggler in the face. The whole episode is spent with the announcers selling that Kelly hasn't got a chance and that no one has faith in her. At the end of a long match she decides not to tag Edge in and spears Layla to retain the title for Edge. That night Kelly Kelly became a star.
    • And listen to the pop she got when she returned at Elimination Chamber. Not easy to get that amount of cheers in modern WWE.
  • Her picture perfect Molly-Go-Round done to Beth Phoenix at WrestleMania 28. She and both her opponents saved that match from being a complete trainwreck.
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