Awesome / Kamen Rider Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

  • The movie will feature the appearance of 485 characters in the final battle: 173 Rangers, 50 Riders, 97 villains and 165 mooks. The production crew had trouble finding enough stuntmen to fit in all the costumes, and it took two hours to get everybody suited up.
    • Which has resulted in the filmmakers submitting this to the Guinness Book of World Records for the most suited stunt people at any one time.
  • A Big Badass Battle Sequence that would maybe put the Legend War and the showdown in both All Riders movies to shame.
  • Go-Buster-Oh's movie-exclusive powerup isn't just for show. The Humongous Mecha will actually be performing Fourze's Limit Breaks with them!
    • And we're apparently getting toys for them. This may not seem like a big deal, but Sentai movie power-ups becoming toys are quite rare.
  • The Final Battle, which is actually three battles; two against the Big Bad Duumvirate and one giant battle. The fights: the Gokaigers boosted by OOO's powers against Rider Hunter Silva, then Decade, Ryuki, and Blade using Tensou techniques against Doktor G, who is really Narutaki, and finally Red Buster, Blue Buster, and Fourze in a modified Go-Buster Oh against Diend piloting Big Machine.
  • Its subtle, but Shin seems to have taken a ENTIRE COURSE in badass. why? He takes on Hades God Dagon. Yeah. Hades God Dagon.