Awesome / Kamen Rider V3

  • Practically too many to count. One that particularly stands out is V3, when Riderman sacrifices his life for the city of Tokyo, cries out that he is the fourth Kamen Rider.
  • V3's takedown of Scissors Jaguar in episode 2.
  • How about this? Early on, Destron figures out that V3 needs his Double Typhoon belt to spin in order to transform... and they promptly have a monster gunk it up so it won't. They beat Shiro, toss him into a casket, and toss that into a cremation oven. They don't count on the heat melting the gunk, and are unpleasantly surprised when, upon exiting the building, V3 is waiting for them on top of the 200-foot tall chimney. Shouting down at them.
  • One of the more iconic ones dealt with when a Destron monster held a number of hostages and tied them down to the train tracks. V3's suspiciously nowhere to be found, and the monster asks the only person who isn't a hostage where the Rider is. Cue an amused laugh as V3 comes out of the train engine and saves the day.
  • The Double Riders return in episode 33.
  • The Double Riders seemingly sacrificing themselves to defeat Bazooka Turtle.
  • Episode four also has a CMOA at the end of episode 4. With TV-Fly and Squid-Fire double teaming him and threatening Junko with death, V3 proceeds to jump up into the air, spins fast enough for the Double Typhoon belt to gain power and performs on on his 26 Secrets: the Rider Centrifugal Kick, and kills both monsters at once!
  • Episode ten: Tachibana and three Rider Scouts get lost and end up at a house with a creepy occupant - but they're polite and don't take Evil Makes You Ugly at face value. He offers them some milk and a meal, then once they've collapsed from the drug in the milk, he threatens to reconstruct them, Heh Heh Heh. They spit the milk out earlier, and then proceed to beat on the dude, resourceful little tykes that they are.
  • Episode 29: An entire episode consisting of Shiro getting one up on Destron at every turn. He manages to successfully trick the Monster-Of-The-Week twice, both times pretending to fall for said monster's disguises.