Awesome: Kalafina

  • Virtually any performance of "Ongaku", arguably their Signature Song for concerts. It's recently gotten so awesome that the guitarist walks around stage rocking out along with the members.
  • "Magia".
    • The ten-million-year-long "negai".
    • The bridge dancing, complete with all three members miming archery.
    • The slow version, inspired by the first episode of Madoka in which the music was accidentally slowed down. Some like this better than the original song.
  • This moment from a studio live performance.
  • Anna ni Issho Datta no ni.
    Hikaru: You were my delight~
  • The short acapella performances from their radio show "Kalafina Club", where they pick a random J-Pop song and sing a bit of it before starting the show. They also did a short acapella version of "Storia" all the way back in 2009.
  • Destination Unknown live. For that matter, Destination Unknown studio recording.
  • Mata Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Natta, moreso in the live performances than the studio recording. Especially in the Red Moon Live at JCB Hall.
  • "Fairytale". While not the most upbeat of their songs, it features flawless vocals, Latin-esque Kajiurago, haunting background music box, a lovely string quartet, and lyrics that evoke Love Nostalgia beautifully while quoting from Kara no Kyoukai itself.
  • The climax in ARIA that leads to an intense instrumental breakdown, featuring a multitude of world influences, distorted guitar, and lively Kajiuran chanting.
  • Best of both worlds: Kalafina covering Sorairo Days in ANIMAX 2011. Conjures the image of Madoka with Kamina shades in your mind.