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Awesome: Judge Dredd

The comics

  • The conclusion of the Cold Deck Story Arc, which crosses over with The Simping Detective and Low Life.
    • Though the lead in was pure awesome too. Special mention goes to the moment in Prog1807 where Judge Dredd kicks a door down between his own strip and The Simping Detective, with a change in creative teams mid-kick revealing the whole thing had been linked all along
  • The revelation that The Dead Man was Dredd all along.
  • Dredd literally crawling to Mega City Two to finish his mission at the end of The Cursed Earth.
    • And before this, Spikes Harvey Rotten makes a Last Stand against an army of robots so Dredd can get the vaccine to Mega City Two.
  • Dredd's motorcycle gets one in "The Judge Child." Dredd allows himself to be enslaved by the followers of Filmore Faro, telling his motorcycle to follow at a discreet distance. The motorcycle drives up to the entrance to Faro's compound.
    Guard #1: Maybe we oughta speak to it in bike... Phut, phut, phut! That means stop!
    Guard #2: Yeah! Ha-ha! Vroom vrooom! That means scram or we open fire!
    [The motorcycle shoots them both.]
    Motorcycle: [driving on] That means drop dead. Thank you.
  • The devil comes to Mega City One with the intention of claiming Dredd's soul. Dredd defeats and arrests him.
  • PJ Maybe gets one during Day Of Chaos. The Dark Judges come knocking on his door, looking to kill anyone in sight. PJ kills the bodies they inhabit and strikes a deal with them, giving them new bodies in exchange for a quick death. PJ manages to bottle the three of them up, trapping them for when he needs them for his own purposes.
  • While Dredd wouldn't be the beloved character he is without being the hidebound fascist asshole he is, it's still good to see him get his comeuppance once in a while.
  • At the end of the Democracy arc, a group of 2 million people march on the Grand Hall, believing the referendum to have been rigged. Dredd decides that a more tactful approach than using riot squads is called for. He walks up to them, unarmed, and convinces their leaders that he is the law.
  • Dredd stuffing the microphone down the throat of a smarmy reporter who treats war as a trivial sport.

The 1995 movie

  • Awesome Music: "The Dredd Song" by The Cure in the end credits.
  • The sentencing sequence, particularly the conclusion.
    Dredd: And Code 3613...the first-degree murder of a street judge.
    Block Warlord: Let me guess. Life?
    The block warlord goes to pull his gun, but Dredd whirls about and shoots him.
    Dredd: Death. Court's adjourned.
    Rapid Fire. Armor Piercing. Double. Whammy.
  • Admit it - Dredd pumping his gun as a salute to Lady Justice in the ruined High Court was pretty cool.
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