Awesome / Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures

Dr. Quest
  • The end of "Other Space" is definitely is an awesome moment for the Doc. He saves the earth (and probably the entire universe) from hostile extra-dimensional aliens, inflicts heavy damage on whatever place they came from, and survives being at the ground zero of a massive nuclear blast using his inventions. Benton Quest may not look intmidating like Race, but if you mess with him and his family, he will mess you back with SCIENCE.
  • In "Thoughtscape", knocking out The Doppelganger of him who represented Johnny's worst fear with ONE punch.
Race Bannon
  • In "Manhattan Maneater", he shuts up an obnoxious reporter by snatching his mic from his hand and slamming it in his open mouth.
    • He gets another one at the end of the episode when a small mob gathers under a subway to kill the escaped tiger that's responsible for all the killings. Before it can be shot, Race hits it with a tranquilizer, takes the gun off of the tough hunter, and bends the barrel with a huge hunk of metal lying around. When the slimy reporter waves a microphone in his face and angrily asks "Do you know what you did?", Race knocks the reporter over with said microphone and says "Yeah, I just shut you down!"
  • In "To Bardo And Back", while fighting Jeremiah Surd in Questworld/the afterlife, Surd turns into a bull (Race's greatest fear) and tries to either run him down or force him across a mystic river that equals instant death if crossed. After being chased for a minute, Race catches Surd by the horns, and picks him up and tosses him into the river. This forces Surd to change back, then Race curb-stomps his ass before shoving him to the other side of the river. Only the quick thinking of Lorenzo saves Surd from dying.
  • In "Night of the Zinja", Race goes Papa Wolf on an android that had attacked Jessie.
    Race: Protoypes are one thing, but that's MY DAUGHTER!

  • In "Manhattan Maneater", Hadji blasts that same reporter from Race's Awesome entry when he makes a blatantly racist remark about Hadji's turban.

Jessie Bannon
  • In "Expedition to Khumbu," the Quest team is looking for Benton, who went missing after an avalanche in Nepal. Through a series of missteps, they end up hanging off a cliff, with Jonny and Hadji locked in a cage at the bottom, Jessie hanging in the middle, and Race up at the ledge, keeping them from falling with a pickaxe and the strength of one arm. Seeing as her companions can't actually move, Jessie unlatches her belt from the rope, climbs all the way down to Jonny and Hadji, all the way around to the bottom of the cage so she can pull the lever that gets it open (her impossible risk is promptly lampshaded by Hadji). When it does open, she manages to hang on to Jonny's leg to avoid falling to her death. Then she climbs up over Jonny and Hadji and up the length of the rope until she reaches the ledge (much to Race's relief), where she promptly helps her father pull the two boys up. Jonny says it best:
    Jonny: Gotta hand it to her, Hadj—She's pretty cool.
  • In "Thoughtscape", Surd uses Questworld to steal Jessie's mind, and torture the entire Quest family. In the end, she snaps out of it, temporarily gains full control of Questworld, and sends Surd somewhere in its depths, in a digital body just as infirm as his real one. "Nobody messes with my family" indeed.
  • In "Assault on Questworld" Jessie displays her willingness to use, and skill with, firearms.
  • In "Ezekiel Rage", believing that Rage had just killed Jonny with a nerve agent, she frees herself from his grip and triggers the fuel dump for his aircraft, then joins a very much alive Jonny in skydiving from the descending plane, just before it crashes into the canyon walls in a fiery wreck.
  • The absolutely ruthless And I Must Scream fate she bestowed on Surd towards the end of the show. Jennifer Hale's line read is absolutely chilling.
    Jessie: Nobody messes with my family. NO ONE. (Cut to Surd screaming a Big "NO!")

Jonny Quest
  • In "Eclipse," Jonny jumps from his hoverboard to hang off a flying succubus-vampire-like monster in an attempt to save Jessie. While hanging off the monster's tail with one hand, he manages to pull out a silver bullet from his pocket and touch the monster with it, hoping it would be enough to kill it. It doesn't work, and Hadji's the one who eventually brings down the monster, but wouldn't Harrison Ford be proud?
  • In "Night of the Zinja", Jonny uses an experimental speed boosting device (worn sort of like an anklet) to run down first a motorcycle and then a plane as it's taking off.
  • In "The Darkest Fathoms", Jonny tricks a bunch of thugs into wrecking their own boat by going Guile Hero and pretending to drown.
  • He uses his Guile Hero tactics again in "Assault on Questworld" to trick Lorenzo into dropping his gun, then revealing that he'd held Lorenzo at bay with a fire extinguisher. An enrage Lorenzo was about to charge Jonny when he heard his gun cock behind him and then we move into Jessie's Moments of Awesome.
  • In "Ezekiel Rage", he manages to hold his breath long enough to emerge from a cloud of toxic gas, slip aboard Rage's plane, and aid Jessie in her escape, already in progress.
  • In "Cyberswitch" has Surd use Questworld to pull a Grand Theft Me on Race. Although its later reversed, he then tries to pull the same thing on Johnny... only to find out that Johnny is MUCH, more skilled in cyberspace fighting than either Race or he, and then proceeds to kick Surd's ass.

Ezekiel Rage
  • Seriously the guy could survive just about anything. And if "The Edge of Yesterday" didn't really kill him, Jonny might as well have called Scooby-Doo to lock the sucker up in the chest of Demons. Because otherwise the guy can't be human!

  • "Nuclear Netherworld" features Jonny's Grandpa Doug, who was modeled after Jonny Quest creator Doug Wildey. Before getting kidnapped by the villains, he discovers his ranch hand had sold him out ("How much are they paying you Hank?" "...Enough."). Before they're dragged off, Grandpa Doug says "Sure, just as soon as I take care of something" and knocks his ranch hand to the ground with one haymaker to the face. He then puts his hands behind his head and says "Okay, NOW we can leave."