Awesome / Jonny Quest

  • The Jonny Quest episode "The Robot Spy." Imagine an episode that begins with the ultimate in 1960s terror with Dr. Zin's spider like robot sneaking about, attacking any sentry in its way through the dead of night. Then when it is discovered, the episode changes to the wildest animated fight sequence in all of 1960s TV as the good guys furiously throw everything at the spider robot and it just keeps on going! Best of all, the episode avoids almost all the series' otherwise outdated and embarrassing ethnic stereotypes with a futuristic story that still feels reasonably believable today.
  • In "Monster in the Monastery", an Offscreen Moment of Awesome involves an platoon of terrorists dressed as yetis getting curb-stomped by a real yeti, despite being heavily armed. We only see one man get grabbed and Race revealing the aftermath, which makes it look like a storm had blown through with bodies and debris thrown about everywhere.