Awesome / Johnny Cash

  • Building the Psychobilly Cadillac at the end of One Piece at a Time
  • Weirdly enough, his suicide attempt: after a relapse Cash crawled into a cave in Tennessee intending to starve himself. He stayed until he felt the spirit of God and climbed out.
  • In "God's Gonna Cut You Down".
    He spoke to me of a voice so sweet
    I thought I heard the shuffle of Angel's feet.
    He called my name and my heart stood still...
    When He said 'John, go do My will!"
  • Making such a good cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" that Trent Reznor said the song "isn't mine anymore."
  • 'Ain't No Grave', while a deeply sad song on some levels, does carry a great strength to its notes and its lyrics. So much so that when Johnny fucking Cash says he will rise right out of the ground at the end of the world, then you damn well believe he will.
    • He doesn't just do a straight cover, either. The original version is best described as an upbeat Southern spiritual. Cash takes it and molds it into something totally different; the kind of tune Gabriel would blow on his horn at the End of Days. And it kicks ass.
  • The second-last song Cash ever recorded, on his final day in the recording studio before his death two weeks later, and the last song he ever wrote is titled "Like the 309". It's a tongue in cheek look at death which is basically a big middle finger to the Grim Reaper. And it proved Cash was a badass to the end.