Awesome / Jim Henson

  • Henson pioneered several incredible techniques that sounded downright preposterous for the time, such as CGI Puppetry(1989) and fully animatronic characters that could walk on their own.(The Doozers from Fraggle Rock)
  • While credit goes to the Creature Shop, It was Henson himself that was personally responsible for bringing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the live action big screen and they were the last Feature Film Puppets he himself supervised, before his death.
    • Unfortunately, Henson felt unsatisfied with the film his creations were used for, feeling it was just solving problems with violence, which he disagreed with on a personal level. After his death, his family tried to have a dedication to him removed from Secret of the Ooze.
  • He's one of the only people whose actual work, the puppetry, got on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • He was also the first man to employ the Internet to write a TV show. Considering how often it's used in businesses today, the fact that Fraggle Rock started in 1983 and involved having to communicate with three different countries makes this an Awesome Moment in and of itself.