Awesome: Jim Cummings

  • He replaced Jeremy Irons in the middle of singing "Be Prepared"... and it's barely noticeable if you even can notice it.
  • Also replaced Christopher Lloyd in "In the Dark of the Night". Like in "Be Prepared", it's nearly impossible to notice.
  • Jim Cummings as Darth Pooh. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • The best part is how he even ad libs certain portions to match the Pooh character!
    • That entire panel was equal parts awesome and funny. Sadly there aren't many recordings of his rendition of Gone with the Wind as Ray.
  • His collective performance as the villainous Dr. Robotnik from Sonic Sat AM which many claim saved the character from mediocrity. Some even claim his performance is a crowning moment for the entire series!
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