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Awesome: Jellyneo Altador Cup Vi
  • Valka using her blaster to burn Lyvon's hair as retaliation for poisoning the captains. Lesson learned: if planning to harm any of the team captains, DO NOT include Layton as one of them.
  • Barit fighting Tormo by all by himself with only a makeshift armor and a replica weapon. Antola was impressed.
  • Delma whacking King Altador with a hammer after being called a prissy little faerie.
  • The battle against the Shadow Warriors could arguably count for most of the prominent characters (excluding Prytariel and Fenny, who both managed to be knocked out)
    • Notable moments during the battle include Zax and Antola firing a fireball so big it disintegrated an entire truck.
  • Layton sneaking into Star Corporations completely unarmed after they kidnapped Valka. Not only that, but he knocks a bookcase over the company's leader and proceeds to run out with Valka.
  • Derlyn grabbing 'Dirty' Navers' sword and threatening to kill him with it if he kills her sister or her sister's teammates. In other words, killing Mirsha and/or any one on the rest of Team Shenkuu will get you killed by Kreludor's team captain
  • Derlyn calling Lor out on his actions. Moogi fainted because of it.
  • Xana, upon realizing that Lor was being shipped with her fiance, Antola, she Towses.
    • Later on, when she interrogates Salanye Ritad for shipping Lor with Antola, she Towses again.
  • Anytime one of Ruko's characters Towses, it automatically counts as this.
  • Derlyn killed Harlis by Falcon Punching him.
  • Alexandria comes in when all hope seems lost and easily bests Kaine. Keep in mind that she had been very difficult for the others to defeat.
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