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Awesome: Jekyll
  • Tom and Hyde get a combined one in the lion den incident. After Tom discovers that Klein and Utterson have kidnapped Eddie while they were at the zoo and placed in him in the lion's den, Tom immediately does anything he can to get Eddie freed, first by offering himself over to Klein and Utterson, then by desperately climbing the fence of the den. Driven by the basic urge to protect his child from a predator, he transforms into Hyde, who kills the lion, apparently by ripping its throat out with his teeth.
  • Hyde then hurls the lion's corpse over the high wall onto Klein and Utterson's surveillance van, with a note attached demanding Utterson meets him. While he waits, he sings "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" while mentally controlling the pack.
  • Hyde facing down a squadron of soldiers armed with rifles and demonstrating just how implacable he is before he's finally mowed down.
    Hyde: (after being riddled with bullets) Is that all? I'm Mister Hyyyyyyde! Show a little respect!
  • Hyde emerging for the first time, knowing he wants to do nothing but brutally assault and savage the teenage hoodlum who earlier humiliated Tom and Claire.
  • Hyde saving Tom by resurrecting him after Tom had been psychologically traumatised into submission. Hyde absorbs all of the electricity in London to bring him back so they can save their family.
    Hyde: (to a memory of Tom) You listening to me Daddy? Why am I not a superman?
    Tom: No. Half a man. (Offers his hand) For her.
  • Claire gets one of her own; after being told by her husband's treacherous friend that the stabilization process they used to capture him makes it likely that Hyde has become the dominant personality, what does she do? She throws hot coffee in his face and tells the lab techs, "Get my husband out of there."
  • Claire meeting Hyde for the first time and standing up to him, and later being willing to slap him when he goes too far.
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