Awesome / Jane and the Dragon

  • Jester defending Jane's honor in "Mismatched" to Gunther, although he is unaware that Gunther is not courting Jane.
  • Dragon flying to save Jane while very sick in "Dragon's Tail."
  • Jane finally unlocks one of the runes on her sword in "Foul Weather Friends."
  • Sir Theodore risking being torched in order to apologize to Dragon for his ancestors' misdeeds. The man has nerves of steel.
  • Jane's father being able to find Jane in the tunnels using nothing more than his incredible memory.
  • Jester's performance for Lavinia at the end of "Strawberry Fool."
  • Jane's mad climbing skills while rescuing Lavinia in "Tests and Jests."
  • Jester manages to save the royal family from an angry boar and Jane masters her battle cry at the climax of "For Crying Out Loud."