Awesome: Jamie Bamber

  • Jamie Bamber the film critic. Filling out a questionnaire for a fan in January 2001, Jamie treated his fans to a concise, incisive review of Charlie's Angels. note 
    "Dispense with all character, all plot, and stitch together two hours' worth of stuff that would struggle to get into a Vidal Sassoon commercial and pass it off as entertainment. A gross collage of boring set-pieces. I fell asleep. Beautiful girls, though. It's a hit! Put it in a double-bill with Armageddon and you would have just that — my idea of the end of the world and everything in it."
  • Jamie Bamber the hero. His Law & Order: UK costar Freema Agyeman outright stated that she owed him her life after describing an on-set incident in which a huge bookcase collapsed and would have crushed her had it not been for him screaming at her to get out of the way.