Awesome / Jake and the Never Land Pirates

  • Most of Jake's Neverland Rescue, not limited to but including:
    • All the Awesome Music; "Save the Forever-Tree", "Forever Neverland" and it's later reprise.
    • The sequence immediately following said reprise, in which The Guardian is revealed to be Peter Pan. He then mentions a special reward for completing the Forever Quest - the ability to fly without using Pixie Dust.
  • Hook gets one when at the end and obtaining a Pearl his crew accidentally lose it and it falls into the water and taken by Tick Tock. Hook, without any of his usual fear whatsoever towards The Crocodile, LEAPS into the water and swims after him determined to get his treasure back. His love of treasure overrides his fear of his enemy that's for sure.
  • The Great Never Sea Rescue - Jake gets a shiny new sword, raises and claims as a captain a powerful vessel known as The Mighty Colossus and defeats a powerful wizard.