Awesome / It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

  • The "One-Scene Wonder" page seems to consider this The Three Stooges' appearance in this film. The camera pans to see the firemen who are going to save the day — and there at the end of the row are the three most recognizable mugs and haircuts in filmdom. They do not speak, they don't even move. No slaps, eye pokes, or verbal threats — they just stand there, and still the message is: okay, everybody's doomed. A perfectly executed gag, and a rare minimalist moment in the midst of the film's constant, frentic activity.
  • Russell has put up with his mother-in-law's shit for quite some time, but when she pulls out the keys of someone else's car that they were traveling in and refuses to give them back up unless Russell agrees to let her tell her son, Sylvester, about the treasure, so he can help them dig it up and receive a share of it, Russell tells her,
    "No! (Beat) We are not! And I'll tell you why we're not! Because your son, Sylvester, is an irresponsible, unreliable, big loudmouth no-good bum who, if he isn't a crook, is only because he hasn't got the brains and ambition even to become a crook!"
    Hawthorne: I say, good show!
    • And then he and Hawthorne actually grab her and shake her upside down to retrieve the keys, much to her shocked disbelief. She had it coming.
  • The gas station scene. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Considering Sylvester's obsession with his mom, his retort "You heard him, mother. Stay here!" at the end definitely counts.
  • The Banana Peel scene at the end of the film would also count as awesome, as well as doubling as a Funny Moment. Even you have to admit that Mrs. Marcus was the most hated character in the entire film that she deserved to slip and hurt herself in the hospital.
  • The music. If you've seen the film, you will remember its carousel-gone-mad main theme.