* Before the beauty contest, a homemade stage is rigged to collapse with Tylor under it, he's saved when Kojiro blasts him out of the way using [[KnifeOutline nails from a nail gun]]. As if this wasn't awesome enough, the one nail that was actually headed straight towards Tylor's head does him no harm ''because Tylor catches it with his teeth''.
* Episode 23's entire space battle. Complete with [[AwesomeMusic William Tells Overture: Finale]] and [[spoiler: one of the best played games of chicken period.]] If nothing else, this proves that Tylor has balls of frickin' titanium.
* The ending of the series. Explaining it could not ''ever'' do it justice; it is possibly the most effective BaitAndSwitch ever pulled, and the entire thing is a CMOA for both the cast and the writers.
* Fleet Commander [[spoiler: Yamamoto]]'s final order at the end of the series. It has to be seen to be believed.
-->[[spoiler:'''Yamamoto:''' '']](throws his cap aside, dons [[PassingTheTorch Tylor's shades]], [[CaptainMorganPose plants his feet]] in the command console)''\\
Message to all ships! Form up with the [[spoiler:[[FriendlyEnemy Raalgon]] Imperial cruiser ''Doroume''! [[EnemyMine We're going to liberate the flagship Melva!]]]]\\
''(points finger ahead)''\\
All vessels, FULL SPEED AHEAD!