!!''[[{{Comicbook/Invasion}} Invasion!]]'' (DC Comics miniseries)

* By the human race. When given the ultimatum of giving up their heroes or being destroyed, humanity told them to GET STUFFED.
-->'''Daily Planet Headline''': Earth To Invaders: Drop Dead!
* We're only told of this, but apparently the Alien Alliance sent a diplomatic party to invite {{ComicBook/Darkseid}} to join. The team was obliterated, with the Khunds only receiving the party leader's head back. After probing the memories in said head, they got the basic message: "You can invade, but don't destroy it".
* What happens when [[TheCavalry the Daxamite fleet]] [[CurbStompBattle shows up]] and attacks the invading armada.
-->'''Dominator Leader:''' [[OhCrap A BATTALION OF SUPERMEN?!?]]
** Also the reaction when a (possessed by Deadman) Dominator commander [[WhatAnIdiot reminds his fellows on an open communication channel]] that their "allies" are expendable.