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Awesome: Inu X Boku SS
  • Soushi gets one in the very first episode when, before he's even assumed his kitsune form, he blocks a bullet with his hand. Sure, it draws blood, but the bullet doesn't go any further. It's stopped in its tracks.
  • The sequence in episode 1 that lets all of the already introduced atavists the chance to show their youkai forms and powers is undoubtedly awesome.
  • Soushi gets another one in episode 3 when he shuts up two guys that are saying cruel (but, in Ririchiyo's opinion, true) things about Ririchiyo by throwing a glass of water over them.
    Soushi (calmly) Pardon me, it's just that, you've angered me.
    • Ririchiyo gets one herself a moment later, when she douses herself to keep Soushi from having to prostrate himself in apology to those same individuals.
  • A great Big Damn Heroes moment is when Soushi, Nobara, and Kagerou enter the scene to protect Karuta from Inukami and his posse in chapter 18.
  • Another awesome moment comes in chapter 29 when Kagerou appears out of nowhere to defend Zange from Soushi when they're trying to find out what Soushi's motives and goals are.
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