Awesome / Inspector Spacetime

  • The Inspector destroying the Blorgon Fleet by reflecting back their death rays with a bent spoon.
  • Dynamo once beat up a Blorgon with a hockey stick. That's right, a hockey stick.
  • The first time Yosif puts an effort into The Inspector's adventures, showing up the Blorgons and saving the day.
  • The usually demure Nymeria telling off the Great Council of Infinity Knights in "The End of the Line." Word of God states that she dropped quite a few Kraken vulgarities in her tirade.
  • "The time for quiet is over. Now it's make some noise."
  • The Inspector's speech atop the Great Pyramid of Giza. ALL OF IT.
    HELLO, GIZA! You're all here for a show, so let's give it to you! Here for the Promethium? Hard luck, mates, because I'm on the case! HA! Listen, you blokes-you think you're all special. You think you stand a chance. A ten-millenium-old Infinity Knight, Greeks, and a Brit! But the question is-which of you lot's going to snatch it from me, eh? Well, then?! None of you! Because it's so improbable that it just might work. I might just win. And it's not the first time. The Battle of Stronium, the Crash of the Time Wheel, Invasion of the, if you're up there in your ridiculous tiny starships (although, look who's talking) with those ridiculous tiny guns, just remember who's blocking your path! Remember every damned time I beat you! Now are you going to try to beat me again...or are you going to save your own skins?
    *All of the alien species that have come to defeat The Inspector GO OFF INTO HYPERSPACE AS FAST AS THEY CAN.*
    • Who can forget this little classic?
    Cabin:: Be afraid of me. I dispatched of thousands of Infinity Knights.
    Inspector:: Be afraid of me. I dispatched of most of them.
    Cabin:: Ha-ha-ha. You die now.
    • First Episode with the eleventh Inspector:
    Inspector: I'm the Inspector. Now, bugger off.
  • Brooke's massive hammer that killed a Quiet Man, in turn, destroying part of the universe.
  • The Inspector's bowler hat is destroyed. "Nobody! Messes! With My! Bowler!"
  • When Lily fuses with the X7 to become the Good Lamb and destroys the Blorgons with the power of fluffy wool and counting sheep. Now that was impressive.
  • Aidan keeping his mouthpiece on, despite the fact that it's spitting fire into his mouth, so he can withstand the Quiet Men's mental assault while he hold them off from entering Stonehenge (in reality, a disguised Dimensioniser).
  • The Tenth Inspector entering his rejuvenation with dignity and grace, a scene that was sadly butchered by that other series, in an attempt to be darker and edgier.
    Inspector: I'm ready to go. ARRIBA!
  • "The Gloom of Aquanus": An episode which consists almost entirely of the Inspector, Bart and Irma standing around in a dark, empty TV studio. And it works.
  • Pretty much every time Rory Williams shows up on screen. Say what you will about the ripoff, but even they knew that Rory had to be awesome... eventually.
  • Let's be serious here for a second and give a round of applause to all of the Tropers who made these pages as long as they are, and for making it so both Doctor Who and Community fans can like it.