Awesome / Innerspace

  • The stomach scene. Combined with Awesome Music when Tuck drops the minisub into the stadium-sized (for him) lake of acid. (But see also Fridge Horror.)
    Tuck: Congratulations, Jack. You just digested the bad guy.
    (Jack burps.)
    • Tuck even gets a Bond One-Liner in before he does it.
      "Okay, pal. Here's how I spell relief!"
  • Tuck manipulates Jack's adrenal gland to psych him up to fight the Cowboy. High on adrenaline and Tuck's Rousing Speech, Jack kicks the door to the Cowboy's hotel room open and knocks him out with one punch!
  • Jack's transformation from spineless hydrochondriac to hero. In the end, he rejects his so-called girlfriend, and quits his retail job.
  • Meta: This film won the Academy Award for Special Effects in 1988-and it's the only film by Joe Dante to win an Oscar.