Awesome / Infinite Stratos Prototype Spartan

  • Tabane can recreate Halo technology. Which is about 500 years in the future as the Halo series taking place around 2500.
  • The fact that Kira doesn't usually win by overwhelming his opponents but by picking apart his opponents weaknesses and looking for patterns to win.
  • Kira took an IS on foot. And survived.
  • Three words from Ichika. Giga. Drill. Breaker.
  • In Chapter 9, Kira takes a bunch of broken and distraught captives... and with one speech rouses them into becoming a decent fighting force.
    • Then later on he blocks Shield Pierce Blades. With his bare hands.
  • Ichika takes on Chifuyu... And wins.
  • Kira's victory over Tatenashi, who is regarded as the strongest in the school.
    • Then in his battle against Ichika you see just how far he's come from being the wimpy guy at the beginning, actually managing to put Kira on the ropes.
  • Chifuyu takes on Prototype units alone and wins. Compare this to Kira who freaks out when they arrive and how the Spartans actually have trouble against them.
  • Just the fact that if you compare Kira at the beginning of the story to the Kira at whatever the latest chapter is, you can see just how far he's coming in terms of Character Development and it's just amazing.
  • Kira's Unlimited Firearm Arsenal may just be a Unlimited Blade Works rewrite, but the chant is still awesome.
    I am the trigger of my gun.
    Iron is my body, bullets flow like blood.
    I have held over a thousand weapons
    Unaware of life, all too aware of death
    I have withstood Armageddon to defend this land, eternally fighting
    I refuse to fall, refuse to look back, for I know this is the truth in my heart.
    My entire life has beenů an Unlimited Firearm Arsenal!