Awesome / Infamous Animation

  • In the review for ''Doogal," he also puts some time aside to levy criticisms towards the original British dub, completely negating any claims of bias.
  • Tentacolino's review shows some pretty cool cases of Shown Their Work (in contrast to the film proper) but they're all dwarfed by his response to the reveal that The Titanic is suspected to be a myth in-universe.
    Burn in hell, Tentacolino. And may God smile proudly as he damns you there.
  • While Erik is not a fan of musicals, it's clear he is insulted by the Unfortunate Implications in The King and I, specifically how the bumbling sidekick Master Little is portrayed. Seeing him call the movie out for its racism is excellent to see.
  • In Titanic: The Legend Goes On, there's Erik's reaction to the Pongo-ripoff's misogynist comment when his partner tries to help him move a cupboard.
  • Calling out the author of Katy La Oruga for turning what is already an Anvilicious movie, into an anti-war message, claiming man only uses cargo ships to haul weapons and not food, medicine, or technology.
    • He also calls out the hypocrisy of some of the film's messages, like decrying construction because its noisy, criticizing the use of animals as beasts of burden despite never bringing up if those animals are actually treated well, and criticizes city life despite the film being made by one of the biggest media producers in Mexico with writers brought in from Disney.