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Awesome: Immersion
Let's name 'em! Sure, the whole series is one long series of awesome moments after another, but what the hell.
  • Geoff completes the obstacle course in Video Game Inventory Systems, carrying over 200lbs of guns and ammunitions on his back, without stopping.
  • Gus turns out to be a better third person driver than Geoff.
  • The final shot of Online Gaming Distractions. Shane, a 13-year Special Ops veteran, has performed equally with and without heckling from "the internet", right until the final shot when one of the audience suggests Shane would rather be getting intimate with Osama Bin Laden than shooting him. Shane proceeds nail the target perfectly, right between the digits of 10, from 100 yards, while flipping them off.
    • It's worth noting that when it's suggested the hecklers come down and meet Shane after the challenge, neither party thinks it's a good idea.
  • Both Geoff and Gus show off surprisingly adept firearm skills with guns they weren't trained with, getting headshots with almost every shot.
    • Granted, Geoff was in the Army. Which is awesome for a whole different reason.
  • "Simulation Racer". Terry, the professional racer, manages to completely and utterly destroy Gavin AND Michael, whose efforts to drive in the specially modified car do not go well. At all.
  • Gavin has a nice Combat Pragmatist moment during "Split Screen" when he sticks his leg around a corner to determine Michael's whereabouts, then scores a hit with the paintball gun.
  • The overall success of the "Pac-Man" episode - the lab rats find the overhead view to be actually helpful in navigating the maze and avoiding the "ghosts".
  • A little meta-awesome example. Turns out that since "Mario Kart" was filmed, Michael's phone background has been this photo of him and Gavin dressed as Mario and Luigi - given that we know it was filmed sometime Spring/Summer 2013, he's kept it secret for about or over a year. Impressive.
    • For everyone that follows both Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter, all those banana cameos (ex. banana of pimps in The Gauntlet, banana slap on Blaine, etc) in other videos have been revealed to be foreshadowing this episode!
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