Awesome / ICO

  • Right after freeing Yorda from her cage, the first shadow monster of the game appears. Ico has no idea who this girl is, he can't understand a word she's saying, and this thing of insubstantial blackness just crawled out of the ground and tried to grab her. He picks up a stick and whacks the damn thing. When you hear the Word of God that Ico and his fellow horned boys are Wander's descendants, you will not doubt for a moment that those horns come with the courage to kill a colossus.
  • The boss fight against the Queen qualifies. It's not (just) awesome because she appears to be effective immortal, or because it's basically a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, or because it's the only actual fight in the game. No, what makes the battle awesome is that, just before it begins, Ico breaks a horn. You can see the damn thing bleeding at the fracture. Given his age, Ico is in horrible violent pain and defiance of certain elements of biology. And he still fights. With a sword that is almost as long as he is.