Awesome: Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

    Season 1 

Doorway to Destruction Part 1
  • The fight between Hulk and Skaar.
    • Red Hulk shooting Skaar with a missile.

Doorway to Destruction Part 2
  • How does Hulk beat Annihilus? He invokes Deadly Upgrade and turns up Annihilus's Cosmic Control Rod while it was zapping him, enduring it and draining Annihilus of his power. Then he wrecks the rod, which is the equivalent of a nuke.

  • The battle with the Hulkbusters. Special mention goes to the team using various parts of the Hulkbusters as weapons.

The Collector
  • Spider-Man's plan for saving himself and the Hulk from the Collector's disintegration machine.

All About Ego
  • The team defeating Ego the Living Planet.

Savage Land
  • Hulk resisting Sauron's energy-draining ability through sheer determination.
  • A-Bomb proving himself to Hulk by destroying Sauron's drill.

The Incredible Shrinking Hulks
  • Skaar choosing to stay with the team, followed by him and the other Hulks (who were still shrunken, no less) delivering a beatdown to the Leader.

Of Moles And Men

Into the Negative Zone
  • Hulk smashing the Leader in full Worldbreaker mode.
  • The Thing saving the Hulk's team from certain death at the last second.

Galactus Goes Green
  • The battle everyone has been waiting for: Hulk vs. GALACTUS.

Mission Impossible Man

Inhuman Nature
  • Black Bolt frees Attilan from Maximus' imprisonment in the city's dome with his first and only line in the episode. What is it, you may ask?
    Black Bolt (barely above a whisper): Smash.

    Season 2 
Plant Hulk Part 1 & 2