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Awesome: How to Train Your Dragon
  • Hiccup. Untying the Night Fury. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Even the fully grown vikings run from it as fast as they can. He untied it. Without any assurance that he'd live.
    • Hiccup falling out of the sky with Toothless. Anybody would panic and fall to their deaths. Hiccup stays calm enough (and virtually assumes a skydiving position) to try and control the situation and eventually remounts Toothless.
      • And then he steers him perfectly through a group of rock formations without his cheat sheet.
  • When picking up the falling Astrid in the end battle. The picture, the music, everything is perfect.
  • The end of Astrid's little speech on top of the wharf. ..then something crazy!
    • The whole speech. Drags Hiccup out of his self-pity and gets him to do what's needed to save the entire village from the enormous dragon that only she and Hiccup have seen.
  • High-speed flight. On the back of a dragon. Just above the foggy surface of the sea. Between cliffs and stone pillars. With an at least twenty times as big abomination chasing after you.
  • The entire battle against the Green Death. First when it's introduced, and the hardened dragon killing vikings who just moments ago were ready to kill thousands of dragons ran for their boats in sheer terror. Then, the neglected prince comes in at the last minute, and their fight soon takes to the skies where all the vikings on the ground can see is explosions like thunder and lightning silhouetting the Green Death. Then the Green Death comes plummeting out of the sky and explodes. Every scene evokes the feeling of an epic viking tale 200 times greater than Beowulf.
    • Standing out in that fight, Hiccup and Toothless going in for the shot.
    Hiccup: That thing has wings! Let's see if it can use them!
  • The gist of Hiccup's plan to save everyone's asses? Have the other teenage vikings distract the Green Death long enough for him to get to Toothless.
  • Stoick the Vast's introduction.
    Hiccup: That's Stoick the Vast. They say that when he was a baby, he popped a dragon's head clean off its shoulders. Do I believe it? (Stoick grabs a cart and throws it at a dragon, bringing it crashing down.) Yes I do.
    • During the attack, the catapult he's near gets attacked by a Monstrous Nightmare while it's on fire. What does Stoick do? Calmly tells the others to reload the catapult, while he bashes the thing upside the head with his hammer.
    • Stoick and Gobber's last stand.
      Stoick: I can buy the men a few minutes if I can give that thing something to hunt!
      Gobber: Then I can double that time.
      Stoick: (smiles, then charges at the Green Death) Come on! Attack me!
      Gobber: Oh no... here! Here!
  • Test Drive and Forbidden Friendship. So good that it was nominated for an Oscar for best film score.
    • The whole soundtrack really does give you the sensation that you're flying. Do yourself a big favor and invest those ten dollars in it.
  • After a Monstrous Nightmare pins down and tries to attack Hiccup, Toothless appears seemingly out of nowhere, jumps on its back, slashes at it, and basically scares it off into hiding. The thing was a little over three times his own size, and it was a very one-sided battle.
    • Addendum to that statement: since Toothless has lost his left tail fin, he can't fly. But when he hears from a distance that his friend is in danger, he throws himself up the cliff that pins him into the box canyon and then he half-runs, half uses his wings to get to Hiccup in time. Especially awesome since he gets there just in the nick of time to place himself in front of Hiccup to protect him from the Monstrous Nightmare. Epic.
  • Let's not forget how Hiccup was about to take on the Monstrous Nightmare: by taming it and showing the village that the Vikings don't have to kill dragons. He was about to use his coming-of-age ritual as a way to force the village to change their way of life � not only does that showcase his Character Development, but he might have pulled it off if Stoick hadn't panicked!
    • Not to mention, Hiccup had also taken a good, sharp whack from Toothless' tail, and still managed to pull this off.
  • The montage where it shows Hiccup using Science! to overcome his lack of bravado and become top of the class. It truly is awesome to watch a case of brains over brawn defeating dragons with relative ease.
  • A lot of people seem to overlook a particularly satisfying moment of Awesome for Hiccup: After the disastrous final exam, Stoick drags Hiccup off and begins condemning him for his traitorous actions. Keep in mind that up until this point, the conversations between Hiccup and Stoick have always been very awkward and in the end, Hiccup just takes whatever his dad throws at him. But here, when Stoick is blaspheming the misunderstood dragons and saying "They've killed hundreds of us," Hiccup finally, finally strikes back: "And we've killed thousands of them!" He then goes on to tell Stoick the real reason behind the raids. And when he accidentally reveals how to get to the Dragons' Nest using Toothless and his dad immediately sets off to do just that, does Hiccup just stand there? No. He tries to warn his father about the Green Death and makes one last desperate attempt to get Stoick to listen, culminating in "For once in your life, would you please listen to me?" Does it turn out badly for him? Yes. Does it show how far he's come from the beginning of the movie and that he's gained the courage to stand up against what he knows is wrong? You bet it does.
  • It's awesome enough when Stoick manages to pull Hiccup out of the water in time during the climactic battle. But the second his son is safe, he dives right back into the water again to free Toothless, the "unholy offspring of lightning and death itself." Granted, we all know that isn't the case by this point, but that's centuries of belief bred into these vikings. Even after everything Hiccup said to defend Toothless, Stoick was still taking a huge leap of faith by freeing him, especially after treating him so badly. Then Toothless has his own moment when he carries Stoick back out of the water to safety. And just shakes himself off and gestures for Hiccup to hop on so they can take the monstrous behemoth of a dragon down and all the while, the film's heroic theme is thundering on the soundtrack as the two disrespected heroes are back in action. So much awesome packed into a few seconds.
    • There is actually another moment of awesome for Stoick within that scene. It's the reason he's gone back for Toothless. Stoick has just taken his people into a hopeless battle, where they will all be slaughtered. He did this despite being warned by his son not to. They got into an actual argument over it. One that ended in Stoick disowning the son he loves dearly, probably more than anything else even though he has to put his duty to the village first. And when everything Hiccup warns about turn out to be true, what does Stoick do? He frees Hiccup's dragon and apologizes, turning the battle over to him without hesitating. He realized he made a mistake and owned up to it, and began to work to repair it.
  • Comparing Toothless and Hiccup's initial flying skills to their fight against the Green Death. When they're falling during the Test Drive scene, Hiccup barely manages to pull them back up before they hit the ground, and Toothless's wings fan out just in time to catch them. When Hiccup realizes that the Green Death has wings, Toothless spreads his wings again to stop in midair, whips around, and dives straight for the dragon, completely controlled. That, along with Hiccup's nonchalance during Toothless's spinning temper tantrum with Astrid, shows just how far they've come in terms of their flying ability.
  • Being a 3-D theatrical film in which the glasses and extra money is justified and was wholly recommended for the stellar use of it during the flying sequences, which give off an exhilarating effect on par with James Cameron's Avatar, which is no small feat.
  • This is a behind-the-scenes moment that deserves mention; the scene where Hiccup loses his leg was risky enough, but they showed it to test audiendes expecting the parents to make the usual fuss. Not only did the backlash not happen, but the parents actually encouraged them to keep it in. If this isn't a serious blow to the Animation Age Ghetto, I don't know what is.
  • The Book Ends ending: "The only upside, is the pets. Other people have ponies or parrots. We have... DRAGONS!"
  • There really should be a Chekhov's Gun page for this film. Among the things that play into the final battle that appear throughout the story:
    • Fishlegs' breakdown of the Green Death's anatomy;
    • Crashing into the rock formations during the test flight;
    • Hiccup and Astrid's flight through the clouds, showing the visibility limits;
    • Hiccup's understanding of how a bellows intensifies the heat of a forge;
    • Toothless' inability to pull out of the freefall during the test flight;
    • How Toothless tried to use his wings to decelerate at the same time; and
    • The squabble between Toothless and the Terrible Terror ("Not so fireproof on the inside, are you?").
    • In essence, the entire climax is Hiccup killing a dragon with LOGIC.
  • The final battle really shows how effective a team Hiccup and Toothless really are. The massive armies of Vikings and Dragons independently have no chance but the flee from the Green Death. The newly recruited riders do nothing but annoy the massive beast. Hiccup and Toothless? Not only do they provide the only real challenge the Green Death faces, but also to come out victorious in the end. The only reason Hiccup and Toothless couldn't hang in the fight for any longer was because Toothless' artificial tail fin caught on fire. In the end, a young boy and his pet dragon are more of a threat than a gigantic eldritch abomination.
  • And one that's overlooked: Hiccup shooting Toothless down in the first place. Consider that modern day anti-aircraft weapons are mostly effective due to being able to home in on a target. Before that, dealing with aircraft on the ground was More Dakka with flak cannons and the biggest rapid fire gun you could get. Toothless is a Night Fury, the draconic equivalent to a stealth fighter, and Hiccup shot him down with an unguided bola from a man-portable launcher, one that did not even have the ability to elevate that far. Say what you will about how it pales in comparison to the rest of the two's Moments of Awesome, but give Hiccup credit for being able to pull off that kind of shot.

Gift of the Night Fury
  • The moment at the end where Hiccup and Toothless are free-falling with no worry on their faces, it really shows how far they have come in friendship and they trust each other completely.

How To Train Your Dragon 2
  • The teaser shows an older Hiccup riding Toothless. He suggests trying something new, so he adjusts the setting on Toothless's saddle so he can drop himself off the dragon and show off a flying suit while Toothless is flying right next to Hiccup without a rider.

  • There's at least one in every book:
    • Toothless risking his life to save Hiccup from the Green Death
    • Stoick taking on several hundred Skullions. And surviving.
    • The escape from Fort Sinister.
    • Hiccup catching the huge, double-headed axe which Norbert the Nutjob uses to divine what Fate wants him to do. When Norbert objects that he cheated, Hiccup alleges that Fate must have let him cheat. This scrawny kid argues a crazy enemy to a standstill.
    • Hiccup telling his father that it's his duty as future Chief to help the dying Fish legs, because "[he] has no one else to look after him."
    • Surfing. Down. Boiling. Lava.
      • To Hel with that. Swordfight. With. Volcano. Erupting. In. Background
      • Hel, In How To Break A Dragon's Heart: Swordfight. On. Flaming. Bridge.
    • Hiccup and Camicazi taking on one of the most deadly swordfighters alive, despite neither of them being over twelve.
    • Fighting Norber and a Sea Dragon. On a sinking ship. In a storm.
    • Hiccup appearing on the Beast's back and single-handedly freeing every prisoner on the island.
    • In How To Seize A Dragon's Jewel, we finally meet Hiccup's mother, who shows up, kidnaps Hiccup Fishlegs and Camicazi, then proceeds to backtalk Alvin and his mother.
  • Camicazi is a very small eleven year old girl. But when she get's kidnapped in How to Break a Dragon's Heart, does she panic? Does she cry? Hell no. It takes six fully-grown warriors to catch her, and makes one of the most brutal warriors in the Archipelago cry. Then she holds their leader at knife point, telling him that if he doesn't do what Hiccup says she'll kill him. Damn.
    • Camicazi got one as early as How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse. Face to face with Norbert the Nutjob, she not only engages him in battle, but picks up a piece of food and eats it with one hand while keeping him at bay with the other.
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