Awesome / Horror of Dracula

  • The final chase scene. Basically, Van Helsing gets the drop on Dracula and chases him through his castle. Peter Cushing's Van Helsing was so badass that despite having no powers Dracula's fight or flight response was definitively "flight". There is a brief physical struggle but Van Helsing shakes it off without much fuss. He strikes the killing blow when he pulls the curtain off the window and uses two candesticks to form a cross and force Dracula into the sunlight. The climax can accurately be described as "A normal unarmed guy runs down and kills a supernatural monster that had been feared for hundreds of years."
    • He doesn't pull the curtain off, he runs across the table, and jumps onto the curtains to pull them down. Awesome!
  • Christopher Lee is the definitive Dracula. Enough said.